Master your dispatch process with this tips

On this occasion we provide you with some important tips to improve your dispatch process in Seller Center:

1. Remember to always display the information of the order. Before preparing your package, review the details of the order by clicking on the plus sign in Seller Center. Verify if the product is in existence in your warehouse. Make sure that the product you are shipping corresponds to the one the customer purchased. This way you’ll avoid mistakes.

Click on the plus button to see the detailed information of the order

2. Do not leave your order in the previous status to “Ready to Ship” (packing). During the dispatch process; it is important to verify that the order is in the status “Ready to ship”, this means that you have completed the steps in Seller Center, the change of status will be tracked and updated correctly. Do not ship a product without a tracking number, if you have any problem, contact your Account Manager.

3. Use separate guides when necessary. As international products go through customs and cannot exceed a certain amount of money, (different limit in some countries) you can’t put more than one item in the same package, otherwise you risk to pass the Price limit and either pay a fine or lose your package. By using separate guides we will have a better visibility and tracking in our system.

4. Communicate any difficulty during the picking process. In case of failures, lack of visibility or tracking of your package notify it to your Account Manager, it is important to know when a problem arises so we can avoid cancellations.

5. Avoid assigning a guide to a package you are not ready to ship. By doing this you will only reduce the time to dispatch your order, therefore the order might be cancelled automatically if there’s no movement on the tracking. This will lead to a penalty, bad performance and rating of your account. But most important, this causes a customer dissatisfaction.

6. Notify when your operations will be suspended. Whether for holidays, or any other reason you have to stop your operations, notify via email your Account Manager the period of time that you won’t be able to dispatch orders, so the team can take the necessary precautions to avoid new orders during that period.

7. Make sure updates are carried out properly. Once you make changes in price, stock or delivery time supplier. Verify these information has been reflected properly. This change can take minutes or hours so please make sure changes are made. If you notice that the system is not updating the information correctly notify your Account Manager.

8. Keep your prices updated. As you are an international seller, your products depend on the Price of dollar, we highly recommend you to constantly check the Exchange currency, due to the volatility of the dollar, and if necessary make changes in the pricing.

9. Due to pricing, tracking and integration matters, make sure to use only the carriers agreed with your Account Manager.

If you have an inconvenient with your operations that may affect your shipping process, contact your Procurement Manager and Account Manager.

From the original post:  Los 7 mandamientos para procesar correctamente tus órdenes de compra

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