The 3 basic strategies to achieve presence on eCommerce

Certainly, in this decade every business should keep up, not only by offering products with a competitive price but also in terms of services offered to get new customers and surprise the ones who already had provided their confidence to them.

Each year, the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI) carries out a study regarding the habits of Internet use; in this report we can highlight valid strategies to capture higher sales.

1. Regarding the use of mobile technologies for trade; three out of five stores have an app for tablets or smartphones, mostly Android and Apple iOS; this allows us to reach our customers and therefore to become the first option for purchasing.

2. 8 out of 10 stores offer receiving payments by debit card, personal credit and Pay Pal, while 73% accept business credit cards and 68% bank transfers. It is important to be flexible in the types of payments accepted in this way and we will stop all doubts from our undecided or fearful buyers regarding electronic transactions.

3. The most common type of promotions that digital stores use are discount coupons or promotional codes, these are the most frequent with 69% of online businesses, followed by months without interest represented by 64%. In less than half of the stores they use “Free Shipping“, as well as gifts or discounts on a purchase to followers on social networks. This last point is envisioned as a strategy trend for next year; which is known as Social Coin, in order to be effective, the user must be willing to interact with the stores. Actually, in New York some stores, especially the clothing ones are already using this method.

* The sample only includes members AMIPCI portals. With Forbesinformation.


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